360 Degree Adventure has everything you need for the perfect break for a family or corporate team outing, to unwind in the tranquil surroundings & to make the most of your time with sport. Set up with a mesmerizing view and a cool breeze blowing across the landscape, this weekender promises to be full of adrenaline and adventure. 


India's Longest Mountain-to-Mountain Zip Line!

Feel like a bird while you zip line through nature's wildest forms. ​A zip-line ride is a great adventure for all those who love the thrill of doing something challenging!

1500 feet line way

Rs 850 per person



Gang up with your buddies and rage war at the opponent team. 

75 pellets in the gun

Rs 1000 per person



Enhance your shooting and target skills with the Paintball Target Shooting ​practice. 

25 pellets in the gun

Rs 300 per person


Indulge in the most historic sport of all time, used primarily for combat and hunting since medieval times. Take your aim with bow and arrow and go for the bull's eye!

10 arrows 

Rs 200 per person

MOUNTAIN cycling

Cycle your way through natural terrains and Sahyadri mountain trails. This biking experience leaves you energised and exhilarated. 

7 Km off-road Track

Rs 300 - 30 mins approx


Roll down the hill, cushioned in a large transparent ball. Zorbing surprises everyone by being fun for all ages! 

Body Zorb: Rs 300 - 10 minutes per person

Zorbing: Rs 500 per person

Our expert trainers help you ascend down a rough slope, harnessed with safety. Climb up to the top to feel the thrill of conquering peaks. 


Rs 300 per person 

rock climbing

A group based hunt, with activities like Spider Net, River Crossing, Capture the Hill, Stretcher Making, Magic Carpet and more to take you through the treasure trail! 


Treasure Hunt - Rs 300 per person

Treasure Hunt with Activities - Rs 750 per person


High Rope Courses include challenges like Burma Bridge, Horizontal Net, Swinging Bridge, Tyre Walk and Traversing.​

Try this activity for a unique challenge built for strength training.

Rs 500 per person

360 Degree Adventure CAMPING, PUNE