360 Degree Adventure is a serene mountain getaway that is a thrilling blend of adrenaline and nature.

While the adventure activities are a sporty escapade, the serene surroundings and the laps of the Sahyadri mountain ranges  are a welcome break. 360 is an adventure retreat in its truest, rawest form.

With a warm team of  enthusiastic adventurers, your stay here is guaranteed to bring you back many more times. 


At 360, we try our best to give back to nature by adopting green and eco-friendly lifestyles.

We indulge our guests to be one with the wilderness, while being environmentally conscious.

Our site is fuelled by solar power, and our restaurant is animal-friendly and vegetarian.


& Fire Pit
Eco friendly
Solar Powered

"It's beautiful place to visit. More adventure activities you will get at one place. Innovative team building activities they had arranged for us. Awesome ambiance. Good food quality. Our team enjoyed a lot. It is a good place for corporate activities. Please do visit this place."

- Anuja Kulkarni


"Ambiance is so lovely, it's like a home away from home. Lovely landscaping, so very pleasing to eyes. The hospitality is excellent.
The view from the hill top is simply magnificent a perfect place for a weekend getaway with lovely view adventure sports rock climbing and much more. Do give a visit!"

- Sujay Karmakar

"It’s a great weekend hideaway specially for Puneites who want to take a break yet don’t wanna travel far! For kids, so many adventure activities planned to keep them
engaged. Tents are so luxurious that it not only allows you to feel close to nature but also feel the luxury"

- Megha S

"The place is constantly brimming with what seems like a bazillion activities to take part in. It’s the kind of place where you could get lost in yourself while you sit on a ledge reading a book that has consumed you. It’s the kind of place that you could be awed by simply because of the breathtaking views of distant horizons. It’s the kind of place that could make you want to take part in all the myriad activities that happen during the day and yet make you stay awake, sit back and stare wondrously into the monstrosity of a twinkling night sky. 
Words fail me to describe how much I enjoyed at this place, but knowing that such a place exists so close to Pune is enough to make me look forward to each and every possibility of visiting this place again. So here’s to the highlighted memories of incredulous fun had during paintball, bodyache during mountain-climbing and subsequent goosebumps after making the climb, a scared heart beating out of the chest while rappelling, the ominous peace when the bonfire was lit to the pain felt due to the unwillingness for leaving the place next day. Hoping to make it back soon.."

- Aishwarya M

360 Degree Adventure CAMPING, PUNE